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Meet Bill:

A committed public servant who fights for all Arkansans. Read More
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The Arkansas Promise Plan

The Arkansas Promise Plan:

Bill Halter has a big new idea for making our state No. 1 in college affordability. It's called The Arkansas Promise Plan. Read More

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By a combination of work, luck, and your support, I have benefited from great opportunities. About half of my career has been spent in the private sector working with innovative companies and the other half in public service, including in the White House Budget Office, as the Chief Operating Officer of Social Security, and as Lieutenant Governor. None of these opportunities could have happened without help from some of you, and some of these opportunities could not have happened without help from almost all of you. I am grateful to you. Read More

| Posted by Robert Taylor

Why we’re on Team Halter, interns edition

With the rising cost of higher education, students have a lot at stake in this election. For many of our interns, Bill’s plan to send hard-working Arkansas high school students to college, tuition paid, inspired them to spend their summers working at our campaign offices. We asked a few of them to share why they’re on Team Halter. Here's what we heard. Read More

| Posted by Gary Moody

All hands on deck

Even though it's the weekend, it's all hands on deck here in Little Rock as we're working up to Sunday's fundraising deadline. Read More

| Posted by Robert Taylor

Supporter spotlight: Annie Abrams

We've come a long way, says Arkansas civil rights activist Annie Abrams. An integral part of the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School in 1957, where four generations of her family attended school, Mrs. Abrams was inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame in 2010. But she recognizes that there’s more to do, and that’s why she is supporting Bill Halter’s campaign for governor. Read More

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