| Posted by Gary Moody

All hands on deck

Even though it's the weekend, it's all hands on deck here in Little Rock as we're working up to Sunday's fundraising deadline.

Your support ensures Team Halter has the resources we need to build our grassroots organization -- and ultimately to win on Election Day. Donate $3 or more before tomorrow's deadline.

From Bill to our interns and volunteers, we're all doing our part to make sure we close out the quarter in the strongest position possible.

Our fantastic volunteers have been manning the phones at headquarters, making tens of thousands of calls to voters to talk about the election and recruit new volunteers in every corner of the state.

Our interns are on the ground today at Brickfest in Malvern, celebrating the community's rich heritage while talking to voters about Bill's ideas to move our state and our economy forward.

And Bill has been spending long, rewarding days meeting fellow Arkansans in communities across the state.

We're not going to rest till the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night -- and we need to know we've got your support.

Do your part for this campaign. Pitch in $3 before midnight tomorrow right here.