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Why we’re on Team Halter, interns edition

With the rising cost of higher education, students have a lot at stake in this election. For many of our interns, Bill’s plan to send hard-working Arkansas high school students to college, tuition paid, inspired them to spend their summers working at our campaign offices.

We asked a few of them to share why they’re on Team Halter. Here's what we heard:

I'm working for Bill Halter because he has a real plan to improve the state of Arkansas. We work hard every day to recruit volunteers to help build a grassroots campaign to get Bill elected. I wanted to be a part of the campaign because I know the work I am doing is meaningful and will make a difference for the future of Arkansas.

– Blake from Conway

This campaign represents and is pushing this state forward in a new way. The ideas that form the core of this campaign seek to change Arkansas into a leader—the leader—in education, especially in higher education. As a student I strive to be the best I can be, and the state of Arkansas should do the same. Bill Halter and his campaign share the lofty expectations that I do as an Arkansan. I am proud to be a part of this campaign.

– James from Hot Springs

As an intern, I organize various events such as phone banks, make phone calls, and hold meetings with people that will help make this campaign successful—because I believe Bill Halter is the best candidate and will make Arkansas a better state with his Arkansas Promise Plan.

– Guneev from Hot Springs

I believe giving students an opportunity to succeed is what Arkansas should be all about.

– Courtland from North Little Rock

What's your reason?